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Body Achieved is designed for men and women over 40 who want to reshape their bodies quickly without wasting time and money on weight loss and supplement gimmicks.   

Learn the secrets Hollywood elites don't want you to know!  

"I'm taking this course and it's worth 100x what they're charging for it" - Rich H.

"I'd tried and failed before. Now I know why. I'm three years in, down 70lbs,  and feeling great!" - Dwight W.

"Turned 52 this year. wanted to feel comfortable taking off my shirt. I'm there!" - Scott P.

 Finally, learn the secrets Hollywood actors use to get Rapid and Dramatic Body Transformation Results.

Modules 1 & 2

 How to Biohack to get a buffed & lean body after 40.

  • Learn how anyone, regardless of age, can turn back time to look like they did in their 20's
  • Discover the two critical factors for accelerating fat loss without tanking your metabolism and losing muscle
  • Understand what is metabolic damage and how to reverse it to turn your body into a fat-burning machine

Modules 3 & 4

Bypass all the landmines that caused past weight loss failures. 

  • Discover the Top 10 Landmines that Will prevent any progress or weight loss
  • Learn the #1 Reason Why You Fail and what you can do about it
  • Discover that not eating enough food will not only PREVENT fat loss but also ACCELERATE losing muscle
  • Learn how the critical witching hours from 8-11 pm sabotage 95% of your hard-earned efforts of the day, regardless of how much you exercise
  • Learn how cutting calories too fast will tank your metabolism—the result, skinny-fat.  

Module 5

Discover the 5 must eat foods to help get you ripped & muscular!

  • Learn the Critical Importance of Finding Foods You Like versus following cookie-cutter meals plans you hate
  • Finally, understand macronutrients by using real food examples.  This is all video.  No meaningless pictures!
  • Learn exactly how much protein, carbs, and fats to eat based on gender and body weight
  • Discover how to quickly put macros together (2 lessons)
    See sample meals put together in real-time (5 Lessons)

Module 6

Get ready to eat a lot of Great-Tasting food!

  • This module will show you exactly how to cook the most delicious meals to eat healthy so that it's not a chore but something you look forward to for every meal
  • See step-by-step studio-quality instruction on grilling, baking, and stirring frying foods that are quick and easy to prepare

Module 7

Stock up on Supplements? Save your money!  Learn what really works.

  • Understand what supplements are and how and where do they fit into your nutrition plan
  • Discover what supplements work and fear not; you can purchase them at any health food store or Grocery Store  

Module 8 

Hormone Optimization?  What is it and how do I fix it?

  • Learn what your ideal Hormone Balance should be
  • How Do I Read My Blood Profiles and What Do I Do if They're Off?
  • Key Step: Partnering with Your Physician and Getting Your Bloodwork Drawn
  • Learn numerous natural and medical alternatives to help optimize your hormone levels 

Use the gym like a BOSS! Learn HOW to train and build rock-solid muscle at ANY age.   

Never get bored in the gym again.  Experience over 250 different exercises and training principles designed to maximize muscle growth and turbocharge your metabolism at the same time to maximize fat loss.  Porter will show you how to master your domain, whether its a pair of dumbbells at home, or an entire gym filled with the latest equipment.  Train to change your physique and without injury so you can enjoy working out for a lifetime. 


New Year's Bonus! 

Get our Podcast training for busy guys on the go.  Learn everything you need to know on nutrition, body fat reduction, and muscle-building training principles.

Begin Your Journey Now

We are going on this journey TOGETHER! 




Watch REAL Jaw-Dropping Transformations happen AT the same time as YOU go through the program.

Follow Lance Perkins on your journey as Porter coaches him and shows YOU exactly how to do the training on your own.  Master the gym and training techniques that produce rapid results in the fastest time possible.


"I'm in my 50s I look and feel better than I ever have! It's amazing to me that I could do this without feeling hungry all the time. Body Achieved is a system I can follow for a lifetime. "

Dwight Witten


"The transformation was amazing! I thought after 50, there was no way I could get back in shape. I couldn't believe, not just how different I looked, but how much better I felt. I have more energy and a renewed confidence in myself!"

Lance Perkins

And we are going to make this simple! 

Work the plan one day at a time or at your pace.




when you need it.


Get some "truth talk" in daily doses to keep you moving forward, even on days when you are not "feeling" it. 

You'd pay an average personal trainer thousands of dollars for a program like this. With BODY ACHIEVED you'll train with a Hall of Fame fitness expert for just a one-time fee of $197! 

Normally $250 - On Sale Now For Just $197

Meet Your Instructors

Porter Cottrell

When I was just 12 years old, I watched a Hercules movie that forever changed the trajectory of my life. As soon as I saw Mr. Universe Steve Reeves as the lead I said to myself,  "I want to look like him."  

That day led to a professional bodybuilding career which included 29 titles and a top 5 Mr. Olympia finish. In 2011 I was honored to be inducted into the International Bodybuilding Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Frank Zane, and my childhood idol, Steve Reeves.

Since retiring from bodybuilding, I have worked as a personal fitness coach. My passion as I get older is to help men and women over 40 lose weight, build muscle and feel great into their 50s, 60s, And beyond.

Lance Perkins

When I was younger, I was in great shape. I worked out regularly and saw great results. I felt fantastic and was proud of the way I looked. But, as I moved into my 40s and 50s, things changed. The busyness of career and family squeezed out much of my time. Even when I did workout, belly fat kept piling on and I felt tired and lethargic. 

By the time I hit 50 I was 30 pounds overweight and was about to go on blood-pressure medication. I decided it was time to get help! I have known Porter for years, so I met him and asked what to do. 

The journey from there has been amazing! Porter taught me the principles that allowed me to maintain a lifestyle where I look and feel great ALL THE TIME! 


Cinematic video instruction feels like you are right there in the action!

Carefully crafted HD quality videos will help you learn the simple principles of nutrition, hormone balance, managing insulin spikes, and calories to reduce fat, how to put exercises together, daily motivational coaching, and how to workout injury-free. Check out a few clips from our sessions below!


"The transformation was amazing! I thought after 50, there was no way I could get back in shape. I couldn't believe, not just how different I looked, but how much better I felt. I have more energy and a renewed confidence in myself!"

Lance Perkins

"Down 50 pounds in six months and I feel amazing! Listen to Lance and Porter and follow the plan.  This is so doable guys!"

Alan Williams


I Want to Be Stronger As I Age

"If I wanted to learn how to play golf, I'd get Tiger Woods. If want to learn to get lean and strong, I'm going to get Porter Cottrell."

Kevin Schuler

 Any of these questions resonate with you?

  1. Are you gaining weight even though you are eating the same way you always have?
  2. Are your energy levels low most of the time? 
  3.  Have you tried workout or diet programs only to fail weeks later?
  4.  Did you gain back all the weight you lost?
  5.  Did you fall back into the same lifestyle you were living before the diet or exercise plan?
  6.  How many times do you need to yo-yo back and forth before you convince yourself that it's not going to work? 


This is what we are going to do differently:

  •  I'll teach you principles of healthy eating and exercise, not a fad diet or workout - principles that you can implement for a lifetime.

  •  You must understand that the greatest challenge is not changing your body, it's changing your mind.

  •  I'll train your mind while I train your body so you will come out with the mental toughness to make real, lasting lifestyle changes.

  •  As you age, the key to fitness is found in nutrition, exercise, rest, hormone balance, and daily coaching to keep you consistent. I'll teach you how to successfully address all these elements.

  •  So, defy the aging process! Look great and feel great naturally with my 6-week ACHIEVE program!

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