What's the Best Diet for Men?

Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Vegan… a quick search on the internet reveals a dizzying array of diets, each claiming that they are the best way to stay healthy and lose weight. Some are fad diets that have just popped on the scene making miraculous promises. Others have been around for years. If you’re a guy, you certainly don’t have a shortage of options. Thus, the question is which one to choose. What is the best diet for men?

In this blog, I’ll give you the answer. But, my aim is actually to do much more than that. I want to teach you how to eat. The goal is not to stay on a strict food plan, but to know what you can eat anywhere, whether you’re in your own kitchen or standing in line at McDonald's. I’m going to teach you how to build meals properly. You’re going to learn how to eat in a way that is healthy, allows you to lose weight, tastes excellent, and is sustainable for a lifetime.

Understanding Your...

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020

It happened again just last week. A friend at the gym came up to me and said, “Porter, I’ve been struggling for a long time and there’s a question I have to ask you.” He went on to describe years of being on and then off of different diet plans. He told of small successes in losing pounds, seemingly always followed by massive defeats. Then he asked me the question I’m asked more than any other question by far, “Porter, why am I not losing weight?”

You can probably relate to my friend. Most Americans have tried to lose weight. Most, in the long term, have been unsuccessful. If you, like my friend at the gym, are struggling with sustained weight loss, here’s what you need to know. First, you can experience lasting success. A large number of people on my program have slimmed down and stayed fit for years and even decades. But, in order to do so, there are some critical principles that you MUST know and follow.

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What’s the best workout program for a 50-year-old man?

If you’re over 40, you’ve felt it. As we age, our bodies change. Hormone levels drop. Recovery time lengthens. Fat tends to accumulate over our previously toned abdomens. The questions many of us ask as we enter into middle age is, “Am I just going to have to live with the fact that I have less energy, more fat, and less muscle than I did when I was younger?” "What is the best workout program for a 50 year old man?" "What can I do to look and feel my best?"

Today, I want to answer those questions. First, I want you to know that it is possible to stay fit and energetic as we age. In fact, I have found that well into my 50’s I can still build muscle, stay lean, and feel great throughout the day. I am absolutely convinced that you can do the same. All it takes is understanding a few basic principles. And the amount of time and effort it takes will come as quite a pleasant surprise.

What's the best workout program for a 50 year-old man?...

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